Founded in 2009, Box Top Advertising Inc. (BTA) was developed in response to a need for a highly visible, but cost effective advertising program geared towards “Main Street” business owners. BTA’s relationships with local pizzerias and well-known pizza chains allowed us to deliver such a program. By teaming up our pizzeria partners with local businesses through our box topper program we have provided companies an alternative to today’s limited advertising options. So far BTA has grown to over 2000 pizzeria partners and growing weekly.

Pizzeria Partners

BTA provides a no-cost box topper program to qualified pizza partners that not only increase their sales but decreases or in many cases eliminate their menu print costs. Click below to see who some of our pizza partners are and what they are saying about us.

Our Clients

BTA provides a low cost, fully designed advertisement for all our clients that is literally delivered into people’s homes, places of business and anywhere else that pizza is delivered! Each of our clients is granted industry exclusivity, unheard of in local print advertising campaigns. Our clients know that 94% of Americans eat pizza and rely on BTA to capture this audience. Click below to see a list of our expanding client base.

Our People

BTA consists of loyal, hardworking, energetic and independent people who are contributing to our growth every day. Join our team and discover the ability to make a competitive income while enjoying the flexibility that BTA has to offer!