The simplicity of the BTA program allowed me to instantly become very successful with the sales and marketing of it. . .

Mark M.
Advertising Consultant
Dallas, TX

I am grateful for the continued opportunity that BTA provides me and couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. . .

Ed H.
Regional Consultant
Detroit, MI

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As a single parent of two kids, the flexibility that BTA gives me to not only provide for my family, but to still be actively involved in their lives is something I can’t replace. . .

Ed D.
Regional Consultant
Washington, D.C.

I like the ability to be my own boss and create whatever level of income I choose to. The unlimited earning potential motivates
me. . .

Dave F.
Advertising Consultant
St. Louis, MO

I truly appreciate the freedom that BTA gives me to work with who I choose and where I choose. I love the ability to interact with different people every day. . .

Tim H.
Regional Consultant
Detroit, MI

BTA has given me the ability to utilize my P/R skills to make a competitive income in an otherwise difficult economic time. . .

Mike D.
Advertising Consultant
Milwaukee, WI
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