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Top 5 Toppers for October

  1. Eric Tannenbaum | $3820
    Franklin Lakes Pizza, NJ
  2. Jamie Cosgrove / Dominic Orza | $3270 Ginos Pizza, NY
  3. Eric Tannenbaum | $3185
    Giovanni's, NJ
  4. Matt O'Brien | $2840
    Dominos, OH
  5. Doug Hay | $2820
    Sunny's Pizza, TX

Tips From The Design Team


"If we were to create an AC from scratch in realistic theory it would be Joe Shannon.  Not only does he have the aptitude and the right attitude for BTA, but he is not afraid to tell it like it is good, bad or indifferent which from an RC perspective is ideal from the standpoint that we know exactly where we stand in any territory that Joe is involved in.  We get a clear, unbiased picture of what is going on so we can give the best possible advice and direction which ultimately leads to the highest possible gross sales for Joe and everyone else involved with his projects.
Ed Dischino, Regional Consultant, BTA

Great "Delivery"

Last Thursday, I was working to finish my topper I had just started 5 days earlier. I had only 3.5 doubles to fill. I was confident that I had already talked to the people who were going to fill those spots… I just had to follow up with them and get them signed up.

However, by 2:30, I had exhausted all of my call backs and none of them were able to pull the trigger this time around. So, I was back to square one. I went back to a real estate office with whom I had spoken earlier in the week. The receptionist with whom I spoke said she did not find any agent who wanted an ad, but did give me a card of an agent who had been out of the office. So I called her on her cell. As it turns out, she knows the pizzeria owner very well. She jumped at the chance to take a Quad over the phone and asked that I meet her at her office.

At her office, I was able to show her the benefits of a customized ad, and she ended up purchasing a triple-double which took up the whole bottom of the topper’s front side (in the same manner the menu sponsorship does on the menu side). We created a very unique ad that looks just like a comic strip and the client could not have been more thrilled!

To fill that last single ad, I called a carpet cleaning client from the last topper I finished. He agreed to use his same ad from that topper on this one and I was able to sell it out by 4pm! So, what I thought would be a short and rather easy day turned into a full day with me hearing a lot of “No’s.” However, those last two yeses were still there… I just had to find them.

-Paul Henrickson

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